All the better to hear you with.

I’ll just link to the comic, because it’s big.

You’ve probably already seen it…

Obama orders general to shave Colbert’s head.

Just when you thought…

Just when you thought…


I grew up on Ninja Turtles, Star Wars, GI Joe and I sort of follow politics. So if you were going to buy me a toy, what would it be? It would be a toy with which I could tell the following story:

After a hard day of shooting motherfuckers, chopping motherfuckers up with goddam swords and defeating Darth Vader with a lightsabre, Barack Obama likes to relax with some sit-ups while resting oranges on his lap.

And the toy would be made in Japan.

Silver Linings/Tongues

Silver Linings/Tongues

ReadWriteWeb have posted a little analysis of Obama’s inaugural speech by running it through Wordle to create a word cloud. On RWW, you can compare it to Bush’s speech upon re-election four years ago, some Clinton, Reagan and Lincoln. But here is just the Obama word cloud:

Obama Word Cloud