What We’re Really Thinking

Several years ago, I was telling a friend about an Australian comedy called All Aussie Adventures. I liked one particular gag, and here’s basically how I explained it to her. “Every time he meets someone, he shakes their hand, and it shows stock footage of his hand shaking an Aborigine’s hand. Then one time he meets an Aboriginal guy, shakes his hand and they show stock footage of his hand shaking a normal hand.”

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The Trouble with Muslims

One of my naive fantasies is that New Zealanders are a pretty decent lot, and that while its trans-Tasman cousin may be the international home of racism, New Zealand is bit more mature than all that. Oh, sure, we’ve got fringe nuts like the National Front, but they’re exceptions that prove the rule. And we do have a certain undercurrent of racial prejudice about the natives – but it’s that nice, normal, acceptable level, like the background radiation of cellphone towers. Can’t do much about it, not ideal, but we all seem to have agreed somewhere along the line not to talk about it.

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