Japanese scientists create robot [insert word here]

The Japanese are certainly robot crazy. The latest creation is the skiing robot. Prior to that we have the hybrid insect robot and the dancing cuttlefish robot. They are also working on creating more human-like robots. However they played little part in the robotic recreation of Philip K Dick, which apparently escaped the captivity of its masters and the Black Iron Prison when it went missing in 2006.

All of this has been rendered obsolete of course by the invention of the robogeisha.

Just when you thought…


I grew up on Ninja Turtles, Star Wars, GI Joe and I sort of follow politics. So if you were going to buy me a toy, what would it be? It would be a toy with which I could tell the following story:

After a hard day of shooting motherfuckers, chopping motherfuckers up with goddam swords and defeating Darth Vader with a lightsabre, Barack Obama likes to relax with some sit-ups while resting oranges on his lap.

And the toy would be made in Japan.