Being a New Zealander

To assure us that Sir Anand is a bona fide Kiwi, the Herald tells us…

He and the Satyanand brothers would go to football games and cricket matches, at Eden Park, with their father.

It’s interesting that, in order to combat one kind of notion of what it is to be a New Zealander (presumably Pakeha, though Henry didn’t specify), Herald writer Vaimoana Tapaleao provides us with another – the sport-watching Kiwi. Doesn’t look or sound like a New Zealander?! But he watched cricket matches growing up!

Does anything more need to be said than that Anand Satyanand was born and raised in New Zealand?

I remember years ago, my friend James noted how awesome it would be if some US presidential candidate was ahead by 20 points in the polls and then suddenly announced that he was not a Christian. (He!) Expensive experiment, as it would immediately destroy his chances of being elected. (His!)

Forget the first New Zealand prime minister of Indian descent – how long do you think it would be before we progress to the point where someone who doesn’t give a shit about rugby becomes prime minister?

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