It’s a Unicorn

Various friends and I have entered into the 48 Hours “Furious Filmmaking” competition in New Zealand every year since it began here in 2003. It’s a rough time, but we’ve produced some pretty sweet films, and our team won the Auckland regionals a few years ago (a year I wasn’t really involved, naturally).

Here’s an entry from Taika Waititi (or Cohen, whichever) from a few years ago. You’ll know him as the writer/director of Eagle v Shark and more recently Boy. This called Arab Samurai.


Easily deflected.

Furious Filmmaking comes with restraints – not only time, but also mandatory elements of plot, dialogue, prop, etc. Of course, it’s not the only challenge in the world that has such constraints. Which brings us around to the actual point to this post. Partly I just wanted to post Taika’s film again. But anyway, from Philips (like the lightbulbs), there’s the Parallel Lines challenge. Five directors are challenged to produce a short film, all using only the lines of dialogue provided for all of them.

You can see all of them on If It’s Hip, It’s Here. But here’s one that’s pretty motherfucking b’dass. It’s called The Gift.


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