From De Vaults: Selfstalk Blogtrawl No. 1a

(Guest post by Tama Boyle.)

With regard to the subject matter of the previous blogtrawl post, I have rediscovered this esoteric and, to date, untitled bit of doggerel which I composed ex tempore a couple of years ago for a fellow-travelling Kropotkin crossword enthusiast:

As the sharpener whets the pencil
So the crossword does my mind
Square by square its vacant spaces I defeat
Dilettanteish pretence’ll
Seldom solve the clues you find
Fiendishly conceived, with jeopardies replete
Amazably refined, so perfect and discrete

Yeah… As you might have guessed, I used to be a geek. But then they changed what a geek was. Now what I am is not a geek and what a geek is is shit and unappealing to me.

NB: “Dilettanteish” in l.4 is pentasyllabic

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