This is the future of smoking.

(Guest post by Dave Parfitt.)

Dubai Airport, Terminal Four, Gate 125.

And there it was in all its glory, the Smoker’s Lounge. If you’re like me and you smoke in the realms of a pack per day, sitting for 14 hours from Brisbane to Dubai without so much as a crumb of nicotine gum is sheer hell. After about six hours of flying the delirium sets in; you see white sugar packets as cigarettes and swallow as many as possible in order to get your fix. Little do you realize you’re about half an hour from the eventual… crash.

But free from the shackles of a non-smoking airplane you rock into the airport wishing to smoke some of your newly purchased carton of smokes, enjoy the smooth nicotine rush which will eventually resume your body’s equilibrium.

Which leads us to the top of the story, the Smoker’s Lounge. I guess this room qualified as a lounge due to the three seats that adorned the floor, however tenuous the jump from seats to lounge may be. Picture this: a 15 metre by 15 metre fully-enclosed room with absolutely no ventilation and a constant stream of smokers getting their fix twenty at a time. After one step iside you’ve just smoked a pack.

This is the future of smoking. Corralled into the back alleyways of our towns and cities, forced to feed a habit of which you have little control over after initially taking the plunge as a sixteen year-old.

It made me finally think about quitting. I then realized I still had 399 cigarettes to smoke.

Maybe some other time.

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  1. Sam F

    Heh. I remember seeing similar little glass cases, with smoked glass and (what looked like) comfy chairs, in rail stations in China. They were like wee portals onto a different, smokier world.


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