Craccum Editor ’10 – Dan Sloan

The results are in, sort of, and the winner of the Craccum Editor election is Dan Sloan, who will be going into his second (non-consecutive) year as editor.

The votes were close, but not as close as I expected them to be. Dan won technically by 12 votes over Haimona and Rosabel, who presumably will be asking for an official recount. That may sound desperate, but last year a recount changed the result by over 30 votes, though last year was a slightly different affair from what I gather.

David and Matt were some distance behind the frontrunners, their 50-vote penalty pulling them down even further. Nick Keesing had apparently given up, facing a total 150-vote penalty for failing to submit his spending summaries and the like. I didn’t even see Keesing in Shadows waiting for the results to come in.

Obviously, there were a lot of upset people and a few tears. The intensity of months of anticipation, two weeks of mad scrambling for something only one group could win, made that more or less inevitable.

It’s quite awful watching someone pour their heart and soul into a campaign that fails. David was so anxious and utterly exhausted that he vomited twice from nerves in waiting for the votes to be counted. Gladly, he is about to spend a few weeks holidaying in the Middle East with family, which should hopefully help him recover.

Well done to all candidates, and congratulations to Dan Sloan. He knows what he’s in for now – the hard graft of forming and maintaining a team of students who will write something for nothing, week in, week out.

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