I’ve Got To Break Free

(Guest post by Nick Withers.)

September 13, in little over a month, is affectionately known by some cult sci-fi geeks as “Breakaway Day”. Its the anniversary of the date (in 1999) when the moon broke from orbit and took the crew of Moonbase Alpha on two seasons of kitsche 1970s science fiction action adventures. Space 1999 was Gerry Anderson, a man more known for his wood work. It was cancelled in 1977 after two seasons with no conclusion to the story. However in 1999 fans produced the above mini-episode starring series regular Zienia Mertion from a script by Space 1999 script writer Johnny Byrne. Message from Moonbase Alpha (edited version above) is wonderful little coda to the series, and something most cancelled sci-fi shows just dont get.

It should be noted, however, that travelling by moon is not particularly safe.

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