When Did Americans Turn Into a Bunch of Raving Lunatics?

Swensson was a tall man with a long, earnest face. The sole proprietor of a computer store in the suburbs of Atlanta, he told me he was just a regular John McCain supporter – pro-choice, not very religious, working on his third marriage – until he discovered on the Internet that the government was lying about the oil crisis. There was plenty of oil, but they just didn’t drill for it because of environmentalists and their spotted owls. Eventually, that led him to the “birther” movement.

Swensson was an amiable guy. I liked him. He told me about growing up in Florida, poking around lagoons with his dad and marveling at all the beautiful coral fish. But now his father was dead and the ocean off the Florida coast was like I-95 and it all felt like the end. Obama was breaking the bank. Soon China would stop buying T-bills. Food shortages were sure to follow. He expected martial law by September.

In walked Orly Taitz, “birther” extraordinaire, with stiletto heels and a spectacular pair of Tammy Faye Baker eyelashes.

Esquire’s Richardson Report takes a look at the birth of the “birther” movement in the first part of a series on what he seems to consider quite a concerning trend in America.

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