I’ve finally gotten around…

Is gotten even a word?

I finally got around…

It must be. I’ve finally gotten around to watching Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse. I was told it was a bit average until the sixth episode, and then it got kind of awesome. I actually thought the first five episodes were just fine. Compare them to the first five episodes of any show that ended up great in terms of overarching narrative – Whedon’s specialty, along with dialogue – and they’re just fine. It takes time to weave something pretty.

A quick Google search shows I’m not the first to note that Dollhouse is Joe 90, though not as much as Firefly was Blake’s 7. Gerry Anderson really was pretty visionary with his ideas.

Anyway, thoughts on Dollhouse. You forget that Eliza Dushku is acting, so I’m calling “good acting” on that one. Something that always impressed me about season seven of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is the way they created a recognisable character with no actor – just different actors playing the same character. So, the inverse here, and that’s cool.

“The Dollhouse deals in fantasies. That is their business, but it is not their purpose.”

So, yes, I’m hooked.

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