Everybody’s Got AIDS

Interestingly, AIDS is also Aids in the Oxford Dictionary. No, that’s not interesting. That’s boring. And frustrating.

Anyway, gangsta geneticists from the South Sweden Massif are a step closer to a vaccine for HIV. How’d they do it? Oh, just took a gene from the HIV virus and transferred it into a bacterium, which then passed it on to a MOTHERFUCKING PLANT, which started producing the BITCHIN’ HIV-IDENTIFYING PROTEIN, and which they then FED TO GODDAM MICE and the mice started PRODUCING ANTIBODIES, HOMES.

In other news, studies have shown that making science stories a little more gangsta increases their palatability.

Back to the original news, the plan is to feed the world the HIV vaccine in fucking carrots. Holy shit. Life is cool.

I wonder how much those carrots will cost.

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