Motuihe Island

So, on Saturday, we’re going to break the New Zealand record for the most number of trees planted by volunteers in a single day. We’ll be doing it on Motuihe Island, with a massive group of 500 people all being sent over for free by The N.O., sponsored by Smirnoff. Also, many thanks to Bluebird for supplying us with snacks, the Mad Butcher for giving us discounted sausages (including vegetarian sausages) for the barbecue, and the Motuihe Trust and DoC for sharing the vision.

Good times. Meanwhile, if you want to see me singing on a bus on a N.O. mission – and don’t pretend you don’t want to – you can see it right here. Keep in mind, I had no idea how many other agents would be placed on the bus, if any, and it was a very real possibility that I’d end up singing by myself on a bus with a bunch of strangers thinking I’d gone insane.

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