C to the Hristchurch

It is fucking cold down here.

However, Christchurch has something going for it: Sol Square.

It’s brilliant. You walk off one of the desolate streets of this desolate wasteland of a city and into a vibrant community of very cool bars. I spent the evening at Fat Eddie’s, which (like many of the bars in the square) has a cool balcony overlooking everything, excellent service and a sweet upstairs area with couches and coffee tables. I genuinely wish there was something like it in Auckland.

I also had a few beers earlier in the evening with Dad4Justice (off of Kiwiblog and The Briefing Room). As I suspected, people who routinely disagree strongly with each other online get on perfectly well over a few beers, and I recommend it to everyone.

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  1. ropata

    Wow! I’m stunned. Now I wonder if D4J would have a beer with stan, peter, fugley?? Also, Fat Eddie’s is most excellent, I know it well.


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