Free Will, Preliminary.

So much of my views on so many things is dependent on my views regarding the words “free” and “will” being put together as if it meant something, and the cancerous growth of bullshit it signifies.

I want to write about this, as I always do, but I want to write it right, so I want to make a preliminary observation.

Actions arise out of a combination of values (aka desires), recognised options and beliefs about the world. One chooses (with some other factors) the recognised option that will bring about the most-valued outcome – as predicted by one’s understanding of the world and causality.

For example, someone who sincerely believes that lemons are sweet, who hypothetically has no value besides desiring the taste of sweet things, will choose to eat a lemon, over other options, if eating a lemon is a recognised option. They are not being irrational. They are merely mistaken about the world.

That’s the problem with mistaken ideas of the world. They give rise to actions that bring about undesired results through mistakenly predicting desirable results.

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  1. mrmelonhead

    If I believe that lemons are sweet, but have faith that they are sour, is that a Barnum Statement?


    Oh, and the Principia Discordia rocks my world. I think I have been re-de-converted. 😛

    Sorry I haven’t made it to any missions yet. Will try.


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