Dirty Ol’ Right-Wing Bloggers

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to have a drink with a few bloggers I wouldn’t normally meet – David Farrar of Kiwiblog, Peter Cresswell of Not PC, and Annie Woolf of Annie Fox! We spent an enjoyable evening out back of Galbraith’s, drank beer, ate seafood and discussed various thises and thatses.

Peter’s a well-read, chilled-out minarchist and founder member of the Libertarianz. He also edits the cleverly named Free Radical magazine. Libertarian socialists and libertarian capitalists always agree on 50% of everything and disagree on the other 50% – I’m sure you can guess which halves. But it was refreshing to talk to a libertarian who knew what he was talking about, rather than having adopted the stance due to the misanthropic tendencies of a computer programmer.

Annie’s a lovely lady who was kind enough to laugh at my fumbling attempts at humour, is undergoing chemo for a brain tumour, and appears to be Peter’s arch-nemesis in matters of music.

And David Farrar is one of those rare individuals – like myself, I like to think – who are such massive geeks and have been talking on the internet for so long that there is no discernible difference between their personality online and offline. In fact, one could go a step further and say that the lines between David Farrar and his activities online blur a little.

Anyway, all perfectly lovely people, and more intellectually stimulating conversation than my usual random drinks chats. I actually assured Peter I’d post more on State Highway One, and naturally I’ve been too busy this week to do anything. But I’m putting together a few thoughts on capitalism that Peter raised. In theory.

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