Philip Upbridge returned to the fruit for news

Aren’t blogs more fun when they have cryptic-crossword clues for post titles?

Which reminds me. This is a post on a blog. It is not a blog. I hate it when people say they posted a blog. It is one of many things that I hate. Britannia High is another. Also all Montagues.

Fuck those guys.

In reply to those who mailed curious about my new employment, I’m technically self-employed and contracted to a small creative company. I say creative company, and I mean marketing company, and I say creative company. Anyway, it’s the most curious job in the world in that it somehow uses every goddam skill I’ve ever acquired – and I’ve acquired a disparate collection of skills.

So, yes, it’s good. The crossover period between jobs means working 15-hour days, thus the lack of sleep, thus the lack of posts this week. My new laptop won’t be in till early next week, at which point I can make sweet love to your Google Readers during the days again.

Meanwhile, check out Critical Theory and Critical Theorists.

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  1. Hugh

    I don’t quite get the cryptic crossword, but congrats on the new job! Self-employed creative marketing utilising disparate skills sounds… fun?

    p.s. “…posted a blog about…” really grinds my gears too.


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