Seeing is Believing

Contexts magazine is a sociological read published by the University of Minnesota. Yep. So, anyway, what I found interesting was their Seeing is Believing blog. The focus is on how imagery, generally in advertising, can subtly (or not) adopt  and reinforce certain mindsets. The post that got my attention was “rapists as hyper-conformists“. Reminds me a little of a beer ad I saw in a bathroom at a pub in Christchurch. The brand of beer was, if I recall correctly, something like “Bich” or something – something that looked like it was pronounced “bitch”. The ad itself was a big-breasted blonde chick with an expression on her face that implied she was drugged, bending over towards the camera, and the copy read, “Nothing goes down like a Bich.” The Seeing is Believing blog also points out some pretty disturbing sexualisation of children.

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