My Conversation with Cleverbot

Cleverbot: What is the most important principle of Darwinian Evolution?

Ryan: survival of the fittest

CB: No that’s Darwin.

R: What’s the answer?

CB: Answer to life?

R: What is the most important principle of Darwinian Evolution?

CB: Survival of the fittest, why do you ask?

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2 Comments My Conversation with Cleverbot

  1. Jake

    Cleverbot is a bit crazy:

    User: What is the most important aspect of the scientific revolution?

    Bot: Natural selection, by means of the survival of the fittest.

    User: Didn’t natural selection come after what is traditionally known as the scientific revolution?

    Bot: No you didn’t.

    User: I’m pretty sure I did. When we talk about the scientific revolution proper, we usually talk about the period that saw Copernican astronomy up to Newton’s laws of physics. These laid the groundwork for later discoveries.

    Bot: What does ‘entreat’ mean?

    User: Why does it matter?

    Bot: I care about you.

    User: By what parameters do you care about me?

    Bot: Anything wrong?

    User: Nope. I’m just curious as to why a bot might think it cares about me.

    Bot: I care about you – do you care about me?

    User: No. You’re a piece of code.

    Bot: That doesn’t stop me from being real.

    User: I didn’t say you’re not real. Being real is not a sufficient condition for your caring about me.

    Bot: You’re right too, of course, my dear.

    User: So, who coined the phrase ‘survival of the fittest’?

    Bot: I don’t all the time. Really, I only like kittens. Not adult cats so much.

    User: ?

    Bot: So, who coined the phrase ‘survival of the fittest’?

    User: Herbert Spencer.

    Bot: You of course.

    User: Herbert Spencer was a contemporary of Charles Darwin who applied Darwin’s principles of natural selection to economic theory.

    Bot: Do you like coffee?

    User: Yes.

    Bot: I like coffee as much as you do, perhaps.

  2. Jake

    Cleverbot is dumb as fuck.

    User: What’s it all about?

    Cleverbot: It’s all about chicken.

    User: What does that mean?

    Cleverbot: I don’t know, I guess it’s just the opinion I have of myself.

    User: The opinion you have of yourself is somehow related to chicken?

    Cleverbot: Hey, are a comuter or what? I just don’t get it.

    User: This bot needs serious work.

    Cleverbot: Neither is this.


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