Oh yeah? What about Hitler?

President Bush waves to his mate Godwin.

Naomi Wolf, famous (for being the) author of third-wave feminist classic The Beauty Myth, which I am trying to read at the moment but keep getting distracted by anonymous sexalicious lovelies walking past, has written a rather good Fascist America in 10 Easy Steps for The Guardian.

It’s hardly the first time that similar points have been made, though it’s interesting to hear it from someone who was once owned by married to one of Clinton’s speechwriters. Here’s a previous article in a similar vein: George W Bush and the 14 Points of Fascism. The original 14 Points of Fascism, by Laurence Britt, based on analysis of early 20th century fascist regimes and their preconditions. And thanks to Paul Litterick for this one.

You’d think that would help, but it doesn’t, because it’s no longer possible to have an intelligent discussion in which someone is compared to Hitler or Nazi Germany. This is because the same comparison is made in just about every unintelligent discussion had in the last 50 years. Nevertheless, it’s an interesting read, and such prejudices must be put to the side in order to take a really good look at these indicators in American society (and perhaps other Western democracies) and whether or not they’re cause for alarm.

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  1. geofrey

    Yet another publication criticizing the Bush administration, please, of course it will become a best seller in a culture embroiled in cultural marxism as referred to by Pat Buchanan in his book “The Death Of The West”.

    Hmm, conservatives have identified that there is a liberal media bias, umm, they have a point. Okay so there is a liberal media bias we know that opposes the republicans, but we still have to propagate this idea that they control the media by, ummm, hey I know, they selectively release whatever facts they want to the press, thus controlling the press!
    Err, gee what a surprise, an entity selectively controlling what the press receive. Good thinking, that’s exactly what i’d do to my enemies too! (you’re lucky, I nearly uppercased that comment). Tammy Bruce in her book The New Thought Police describes how this tactic is exactly what our neo-liberal cultural elites do in controlling the media and what information we receive. So if you want to hear anything anti Bush, just go to any book store, turn on the TV to any channel, pick up any magazine, turn on the radio to any station, listen to any popular music, go and watch any movie, go to University. How does one escape this obvious bias? Well amidst the drone of liberalism one might find one book, or one news channel, that dare oppose big brother.

  2. Ryan Sproull


    Two things.

    1. Bush is a war criminal.
    2. If your media is pro-Democrat, then it has a massive right-wing conservative bias.

  3. geofrey

    Hi Ryan,

    1. Says who?

    2. According to the author Tammy Bruce, when she worked for the National Organization for Women in California, the majority of the media in the US was always willing to align themselves with her left-wing liberal agenda – as she calls it. An agenda she argues that was anathema to both Conservatism and by inference Republicans. A Rothman and Lichter survey identified that up to 9 out of 10 journalists had very liberal views on abortion, homosexuality, affirmative action, adultery etc. These folk are the gatekeepers of what we hear in the media, and they are not conservative.



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